Total Athlete: Football

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Features: Acceleration, Top speed, Agility & Contact strength

Train with the same methods we use with the pro's

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Whats in the program?

  • Monthly updated training program covering the topics of acceleration, top speed, agility & contact strength
  • 1 mini session and 1 mega session for each of the above topics, so that you can flexibly adjust your training to your week schedule
  • A ‘Challenge of the Month’ to test yourself; that comes with each update of programming
  • Access to the quick programs feature to design & customise your training days as needed

Who is it for?

  • Footballers of youth, amateur or professional level who have access to basic gym & field training facilities
  • Performance coaches or athletic trainers working in football interested in deploying this program with individuals or small groups

The way these guys work is very different to what I was used to before. After a couple of seasons you feel the difference in your body, how you can play so many games and continue to perform at the top level in Europe. They pushed me constantly in all areas on & off the pitch - you can't understand the difference until you experience it.

Marcos SenesiFootballer for AFC Bournemouth & Argentina

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