Kini Training Targets by Nov 2018

  • reduce body fat 2k, and small increase in upper body muscle
  • better eating
  • level 2 core (yellow)
  • advanced hip lock and knee prehab to maintain good knee condition
  • if you can do these, running speed should increase

Kini Eating Advice

  • TBA (by Marsh)

Kini Hip Lock Exercises

These are hip lock exercises you can do at the gym or at home.


Wall Slide Hip Lock

Wall Slide Hip Lock – Jerry

Standing Plate Push Hip Lock (on plate – use mirror)

BB Tap to Hip Lock

Smith Machine – Foot Hover to Hip Lock

Core Strength

You should do the VitiPlank 1-2 times a week. Thats the 1 arm / 1 leg plank.

For more core strength exercises, use this link.

Fijian Tabata Options

The Fijian Tabata format puts our mobility, hip lock and core strength together in a fitness format. You get thru more exercises in quicker time. Its up to you whether you do it this way or as individual exercises.

You can do these routines on your own in mornings, or during gym sessions. Just follow the videos and copy.

Fiji Tabata 1 – Mobility

Fiji Tabata Type 1 – Mobility (No equipment)

Fiji Tabata 2 – Hip Lock & Trunk Integrity

Fiji Tabata Type 2 – Hip lock & trunk (no equipment)

Fiji Tabata Type 3 – Dynamic Systems (this is harder)

Kini Knee Prehab Work

You can do these exercises in a couple of ways. As a block for 10min in warm up, or do these in rest periods of upper body strength.

But you need to do them. Eevery week.

Knee Prehab Spanish Squat

Knee Prehab Rear loaded split squat

Knee Prehab Single Leg Squat Low Box

Knee Prehab Step Up – Low Box