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At SpeedPowerPlay, we don’t deal in generalities; we provide specific, actionable solutions that lead to measurable outcomes. If you’re grappling with the challenge of making tangible progress, keeping injuries at bay, recovering more efficiently, or simply seeking clarity in the maze of performance enhancement advice; SpeedPowerPlay is your beacon of wisdom in the pursuit of excellence.


Advance your performance with our training strategies to add up to 10% to your sprint speed, 10cm to your vertical jump or to keep your availability at 100%.


Navigate the knowledge maze and cut through the clutter with expert insights from the bleeding edge of sports training. We simply complex training & rehabilitation concepts and focus on the ‘how’ for you to be as pragmatic as possible.


Supercharge the availability of your organisation. We have the training & lifestyle tools for you to build up a selection of 24/7 professional athletes.

The SPP2 App: Your blueprint for breakthroughs

Introducing the SPP2 app – the future of sports performance enhancement at your fingertips. Our innovative app serves as a comprehensive tool for organizations seeking to implement our proven training approaches and professional sports lifestyle modules.

The app has been designed as a one-stop ‘performance hub’ for athletes, performance coaches, physiotherapists & organizations. We’ve taken the liberty of filtering through all the most useful and trustworthy for you; with all the nuggets of information being curated specifically for the field & court sports demographic.

Leigh Egger

Physio / Performance Coach / Content Writer

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Performance Coach / Content Writer

Roscoe McCord

Technology / Apps

Jan Müller

Physio / Performance Coach / Content Writer

Coordination-based training

Educational module to understand and implement this concept in your sport. Designed for coaches & physiotherapists (but not limited to mindful, intelligent athletes!)

Robust body

For any physios, performance coaches or athletes who want to bulletproof their bodies and maximise their season’s availability.

Recovery & regeneration

Where evidence meets pragmatism. Curated especially for field & court sport athletes who need to recover, back up and deliver elite performance multiple times per week.

Mobility essentials

A collection of mobility for in key areas of the body to develop fast & smooth movers