Game Day +1

Ask any of the medical or performance staff if you need assistance.

1. Movement/recovery circuits

Low impact, low load, low speed. (See below)

2. Ice bath/hot-cold/epsom salts bath/GameReady

5 mins cold (+ 5 mins hot) x2

3. Sleep/relaxation

Compression to bed. Breathing/mindfulness app.

4. Massage/treatment

Light flush

Sample Recovery Circuit

– Choose 2 or more of the below movements
– Set a timer on your phone for: 20s ON, 20s OFF
– 8 rounds through (roughly 5.5 mins)
– Complete this for 3 sets, with 2-3 mins rest in between
(20-25 mins total)

Around the world mobility

With band or stick

Cat arch hip drops

With handles or on floor

Walking hip lock reaches

Light plate or stick overhead


Lunge circle

With stick reaches