SPP Library

The SPP Library App is soon to be released. It will provide a video library of all the content we use in training, from Level 1 to Level 5. Categories will include:

  • Running efficiency exercises
  • Speed and agility drill progressions
  • Hip lock progressions
  • Trunk integrity progresions
  • Components of the Robust Running Model

Level 1 is aimed at entry level competitors, while Level 5 is for the elite in all field and court sports. A big focus is on movement based strength training. You will find very little in terms of traditional strength (bench, squat etc).  The internet is full of this stuff.

We aim to provide strength only that is relevant to moving better, faster, more powerfully and with a high degree of injury resistance.

Core stability is the ability to control the position and motion of the trunk and the pelvis to allow optimum production, transfer and control of force and . For field sport athletes, deficiencies in the hip-trunk region can be the cause of many injuries locally and further throughout the kinetic chain, as well as the primary weak areas for individuals that undertake highly demanding tasks such as repetitive sprinting, decelerating, kicking and absorbing impact.

With this in mind, there must be an investment by athletes and coaches alike into the upgrading and maintenance of their “hardware” that is practical and convenient to implement throughout the training lifespan. This library is our first collection of progressive movement competencies designed to create, improve and maintain robust and resilient athletes.

Available on the App Store soon

In App Purchases

Buy only the components that you want. You can build levels over time.

Built In Progressions

All content categorised from Level 1 (white) to Level 5 (black) for easy deployment and also acts as motivation for athletes.