Remote consulting now available

Effective performance & rehabilitation consulting for individuals, teams & clubs delivered via video call.

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Seminars & In-house Education

Education delivery for sporting clubs. Topics include Robust Running, Anatomy of Agility & Injury Prevention/Rehabilitation.


Performance & rehabilitation consulting for individuals, teams & clubs. For all sporting codes, remotely and in-person.

Consultancy Details

John Pryor, Leigh Egger & Jan Müller all offer consulting services through SPP. Our consulting services have been used at a number of professional sporting organisations around the world with great success; see some of our many clientele below.

Pricing for these different services will differ, please contact us through the website contact below for further details. Subject to availability*.

Travel availability is possible but limited due to the full-time positions held by the SPP team members.

Individual Consults
  • Face-to-face
  • Online/remote consulting
  • Individual coach consulting
  • All sporting codes
  • Limited to 10 spots per year (due to availability)
Club/Team Consults
  • Face-to-face delivery only
  • In-house staff education
  • Athlete programs/analysis
  • Ongoing consulting options
  • Flexibility of delivery/content

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