Seru  Training Targets by Nov 2018

  • improve ball in hand acceleration (Type 3 Tabatas will help)
  • level 3 core & trunk integrity (blue belt)
  • level 4 running fitness (red belt)

Seru & On Island Strength Program - Fiji

Seru & Volavola Running Programs - Fiji

Some simple running sessions, for beach and field. I have included speed and a bit of fitness in each sessions.

Its simple stuff but will keep you in shape. Running with the arms in strange positions make your hips work harder.

Fijian Tabata Circuit

Do these circuits when you dont go to the gym or run. ie: early morning circuit then day off.

Dont have to be exactly the same as the video. If you dont have equipment, just use exercises you know.

We can do the rotuines with just a wall or a tree. Rest 1 minute after each round. Aim for 2 mobility rounds, then 2 hip lock and core rounds.

The Type 3 Dynamic Systems circuit is pretty hard. But it is the kind needed to improve your acceleration.

Fiji Tabata 1 – Mobility

Fiji Tabata Type 1 – Mobility (No equipment)

Fiji Tabata 2 – Hip Lock & Trunk Integrity

Fiji Tabata Type 2 – Hip lock & trunk (no equipment)

Fiji Tabata Type 3 – Dynamic Systems (this is harder)