Off Season Training: Instructions

Bula Men

We have made this webpage to make it easier to do your training, so all you need is a phone. Everything you need should be on this page. Scroll down to find what you need.


When you are taking your full rest (for example going back to home village, or holiday with girlfriend/wife) all we are asking is for you to do 12-24 minutes every day or every second day. The routine is the Fijian Tabata circuit. It is a simple routine that combines all of our core strength, hip lock, range of movement and flexibility. If you have equipment (elastic bands, aquabag etc) you can use it, but if you have nothing, thats OK, just use body weight. See FIJIAN TABATA section for explanation.


We have given a sample weekly routine for you when you are on active rest. The program gives you the simpe running sessions and simple strength sessions. Some of you will be given individual routines, and you will hear from Marshy or JP. But please contact us at any time if you have questions  (JP  Marshy

It doesnt matter if you are training in NZ, Aus, UK or Fiji. Our centres in Fiji are now set up better and the Fijian SC coaches are well informed and part of our team.

Sample Weekly Program ACTIVE REST

Video Explanations - How to do Sessions

Watch these clips for a quick description of training sessions

What is a Fijian Tabata?   How do they work?

Running Session Instructions

Off Season Eating Advice

Knee rehab. These are VMO exercises for the guys with knee problems.


With the Fijian Tabatas you can either just follow the videos of players and coaches doing them, or you can set up and do your own. If you are going to do your own, use this table to select some exercises. If you dont know the exercise JP is happy to send it to you on social media or email.

Sample Fiji Tabata Type 1 – Mobility with Nemani

Sample Fiji Tabata Type 2 – Hip Lock & Trunk Integrity with TUA

Sample Fiji Tabata Type 3 – Dynamic Systems

with JP (a bit harder)

Sample Fiji Tabata Type 1 – Mobility with Marshy (no equipment)

Sample Fiji Tabata Type 2 – Hip Lock & Trunk Integrity with JP (no equipment)

Forwards Running Sessions

Click the link for Forwards Running: Session 1 & Session 2

Speed & Running Fitness_Fwds_May 2018 (Pre Camp) (2)

Backs Running Sessions

Click the link for Backs Running: Session 1 & Session 2

Speed & Running Fitness_Backs_May 2018 (Pre Camp) (1)

Strength Program - Basic (3 day/week)

Click the link for Simple strength program

Strength & Power Program May 2018 (Pre Camp) (2)

Strength Program - Advanced (4day / week)

Click the link for Advanced strength program

Advanced 4 Day_STR_MAY_2018 (1)

Fiji Rugby Hip & Trunk Strength Program

Click the link for more information and sample exercises for hip & trunk strength