Flying Fijian Fitness Training System

5 Levels: White Belt to Black Belt


The Foundation

We believe the Fiji Hip & Core Strength Program is the foundation of our training. By improving in this area we benefit in many ways as players.

Level 5 – Black Belt
Level 4 – Red Belt
Level 3 – Blue Belt
Level 2 – Yellow Belt
Level 1 – White Belt


If you do not meet Level 1 (White) standards, then you are a PINK belt. Not acceptable. And you may be forced to wear a PINK top at training sessions!!

Fijian Feet

In case you havent noticed, most Fijian feet are a little differen to the average person. And many of you grew up training and playing a lot in bare feet. That kept your feet, and the “intrinsic” muscles in the feet strong.

If you have been in boots and runners now for many years, your intrinsic muscles of the foot, and also the calf muscles, can get a bit weak. One reason many of you get calf problems.

So, we suggest that all Fijian players should keep their feet strong and supple. Do some of the Hip training bare foot. Not all the time, but maybe 50%. Best to wear shoes if you are doing the jumping or “switching” exercises, but the simple ones can be done barefoot.

November Test Video