Fijian Tabata Options

Discuss with JP or Marshy which ones you should do and how often.
Also discuss when you can fit them into your club’s training week.

Type 1 - Mobility

no equipment

Very simple, good for tekivu vinaka. No equipment needed.

Type 1 - Mobility

elastic band and pushup handles

This uses elastic band and pushup handles.

But you can do it with no equipment, just use a towell instead of band.

Type 2 Hip Lock & Trunk Integrity

This one combine core strength and hip locks.

You need an elastic band attached low to a pole.

If you have an aquabag then use it. If you dont, just replace the aquabag part with extra band pullbacks.

Type 2 Hip lock and Trunk Integrity

no equipment

You can do this one ANYWHERE.

Type 3 Dynamic System

no equipment

Type 3 areĀ  a bit harder! The first time you do it, just do it with control.

As you get fitter, make it more explosive.

JP Explaining Fijian Tabatas - Why we do them.

Just a simple explanation of the Fijian Tabatas.